Everywhere you turn- the news, the media, there is a renewed interest to be back in the kitchen making healthy and creative meals for family and friends. Kids want to be a part of this fun. Tiny Chefs is dedicated to providing interactive and educational children’s cooking classes at your school, camp or community center within the Maryland, Virginia and DC metro area. We also offer online classes and camps with interactive videos, recipes and quizzes!

Our philosophy, “learning through cooking,” encourages children to discover the joys of cooking while obtaining basic educational skills and culinary techniques. Our instructors teach kids to follow recipes, measure and combine ingredients, and work together on a team all while promoting personal creativity. We strive to instill health-conscious values in kids along with the confidence to experiment with their own creations in the future.

Alpa C.


“Kayla and her friends had such a fun time at her 13th birthday party! Tiny Chefs did a terrific job pulling that party together and helping us tie it into the Julia Child movie the girls had just seen. The delicious French menu was perfect for a lively group of teens who like to think they’re pretty sophisticated and capable. We so enjoyed watching the girls have such a blast and the food was yummy, too!”

Marilyn M.


"Tiny Chefs made my life so much easier during the holidays. I so wanted to have a little holiday party for my daughter and Tiny Chefs made it all possible… They thought of everything down to the cookie tins and aprons for the children. Each of the girls went home absolutely thrilled with their creations and the team from Tiny Chefs left as calmly as they arrived, leaving a sparkling clean kitchen behind them. By all means, use Tiny Chefs – this team can save the day for you as well!"