Tiny Chefs Cooking Classes

Tiny Chefs offers fun and engaging programs for toddlers, children and teens, including cooking and baking classes, parties, camps and special events.

Single session or series options

In addition to essential cooking skills like chopping, sautéing, and baking, our instructors work with your children to teach them skills that will last a lifetime. Classes and camps cover organizational skills, learning to work as a team, cooperation, and taking turns. Sessions also focus on math skills (as they learn to double, half, or quarter ingredient measurements) and reading comprehension (as they learn to follow step by step directions in a recipe).

We make an effort to introduce ingredients and flavors that may not be familiar to many students, like adding zucchini to a cupcake recipe for a healthy twist to a sweet treat. We balance fun, unusual flavors with classic recipes they'll make again and again.

Virtual Special Events

Looking to host a special event that involves food and fun? Let the Tiny Chefs team customize a cooking event for you! Our trained staff will travel to your location for a 90-minute to two-hour event based on your specifications. We've got just the program to engage and excite students of all ages.

Events include Nutritional Cooking Workshop & Discussion; Holiday Cooking Workshops; Healthy Kids Day Event; Spring Break Cooking Camps; Open House Cooking Demos and End of Year Cooking Parties - learn more here or contact us to create your own specific event!

Earn your Legacy Cooking Badge!

Our instructors travel to your residence with all of the supplies to cook or bake your way to a badge. We will also cover food safety and nutritional information, and supply your troops with literature and recipes. The badge class will last about 1.5-2 hours and the troops will be able to eat what they make at the end of the session!

Tiny Chefs can coordinate with the following troops to help your scouts earn their next badge: Brownie, Junior, Cadette and Senior level Girl Scouts.